Claire Zakiewicz: Perspectives in Motion September

ARTI3160 is pleased to present Perspectives in Motion by Claire Zakiewicz to be opened on September 14, 2018. The exhibition will re-address ideas of “risk” within the context of “improvisation.” Dealing with the activity of performance as process and painting as performance, Zakiewicz examines how improvisation challenges the balance between the unresolved and the perfected form. 

How do we know when a work is finished? 

Sometimes playing the character of a blindfolded painter, Zakiewicz’s practice is a series of meditations and explorations in space. Employing gestural drawing in response to phenomena in the surrounding world such as: atmosphere, color and sound, each drawing tests the boundaries between abstraction and figuration, disruption and unity, and the ideology of “freedom” within the context of limitation.  In this particular series Perspectives in Motion, the works reveal both spontaneous and pre-determined mark marking that reference historical motifs from Surrealism’s automatic drawings and writings, action painting from the Abstract Expressionists and Japanese Calligraphy.

As part of the exhibition programming Zakiewicz has produced a series of cross-disciplinary performances that examine the nature of “improvisation,” focusing on process, shared space, spontaneity and embodied thinking. Titled Assembly, each performance invites artists working across creative disciplines such as musicians, visual artists, poets and dancers, who specialize in improvisation. Collaborating artists include: Mariana Alviarez (Venezuela), Laura Colomban (Italy), Marcus Cummins (UK), Siw Laurent (Norway) and Dannie-Lu Carr (UK).


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